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About Us

International Movement Promoting Action Against Cancer & Tobacco is a regisered charitable non-governental organisation (NGO) working towards the Comprehensive Management of Cancer & Tobacco.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, taking a heavy toll of human lives and destroying the families of the cancer patients due to mental agony and heavy costs of treatment. 2/3 patients are detected in the advanced stages when treatment is ineffective; hence an overall waste. Early detection can save precious lives and finances.

Working on the philosophy of “Our Goal Quality in Cancer Control, Your Health Our Concern, Each One Teach Thirty” this NGO stands committed for improving the overall Health of the common people in general and control of Cancer to be specific. Our activities on Primary and Secondary Prevention may be broadly classified under the following headings:

Advocacy: We highlight the various health related issues related to tobacco and Cancer. The issue of Cancer Control is complex and only tip of the iceberg is visualized by the common man, intellectuals, administrators, bureaucrats as well as policy makers alike, making the task much more difficult at every step; hence advocacy plays and important role at every step. In the absence of resources on Cancer Control there is lack of NGOs and Volunteers to fight Cancer.

Tobacco Control: Tobacco is the only consumer product which kills it’s user by causing – Cardio Vascular, Cancer and Respiratory Diseases placed at rank I, II & III respectively in terms of deaths. We organize awareness campaigns for the Control of Tobacco, Khaini, Gutkha and Pan Masala including Active & Passive Smoking leading to improvement in the overall health of the people.

Early Detection of Cancer: In India 80% of Patients reach the Doctors in advanced stages of Cancer causing loss of precious lives as no cure is possible; Expensive treatment in terminal stages exhausts the resources of the Family and the Nation which lacks Treatment Infrastructure badly. By awareness on early symptoms of Cancer, we save lives and finances through Early Detection and Treatment, when it is cheap and effective.

Palliative Care: Is Care beyond Cure or Caring for the uncared i.e. “Terminally ill Cancer Patients”. We organize awareness camps addressing Palliative Care to the Cancer Patients, making cheapest Oral Morphine available to the patients. We give Financial Assistance towards Palliative Care of the Cancer Patients of the economically weaker sections of the Society irrespective of Caste, Creed, Region, and Religion etc..