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Impact India along with Soul connect conducted Oral Head & Neck Cancer Health checkup camp on May 7th 2017 at and Healthcare Center run by Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation At Thaltej

Impact India conducted Health checkup for Oral Head & Neck Cancer for people of Thaltej Village falling under lower income group. These people mainly are working as laborers are earning daily wages and addicted to Tobacco from early age. The purpose for the camp was to help detect early signs of cancer and educate them for various treatment options for Cancer.

Soul Connect NGO run by Tina Parekh had collaborated for conducting the health checkup camp due to rampant usage of tobacco among the villagers and many occurrences of death due to oral cancer in that vicinity.
It was disheartening to know that out of every 5 people 3 were detected of Cancer.

Many people were scared about being detected of oral cancer and were reluctant to even come for an initial health checkup. The worrisome part of many people who are likely suffering from cancer and are avoiding due to ignorance or negligence of proper medical treatment available could save their lives. The purpose of this camp was to bridge the gap of creating awareness and helping those to detect early signs of cancer and health treatment available to them.

The camp was conducted by Dr Kinner Shah (Senior Surgeon & consultant and Founder of Impact India ) and Dr Aditi Sharma (Surgeon & consultant Maxillo-facial) and facilitated by Tina Parekh Social Activist (Soul Connect).

Impact India celebrated Oral Head & Neck Cancer Health Week by conducting Health checkup camp on April 7th 2017 at Thaltej Aanganwadi and Healthcare Center run by Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation.

The program was conducted on 7th April 2017 to educate women of Thaltej Village at Rotla kendra regarding Oral Head & Neck checkup. They were briefed by Dr Kinner Shah ( Founder of Impact India) and Dr Aditi Sharma -Maxillo-facial Surgeon & Consultant regarding how to conduct a self health checkup. The affects of chewing Tobacco and smoking Bidi were also explained at length and how to prevent death from Cancer due to early detection was also explained to this women who were illiterate and working for their livelihood at Rotla Kendra of Thaltej Village at Ahmadabad.

More than 60 women turned out to attend the program and were given a demonstration and showed how to conduct oral examination. They were explained of early signs of cancer in the oral cavity and early detection can save lives. The women urged us to do a health care camp for their family members and men in their family mostly who worked as laborers on daily wages.