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Founder’s Message

Significant numbers of patients with head and neck cancers are financially weak and illiterate about the prevention, cause, diagnosis and treatment options of these cancers.

With better treatment, more numbers of patients are living longer but fairly aimlessly as they have either lost their vocation/jobs and the will to live because of the cosmetic and functional impairment or difficulties which are a part of sequelae of cancer treatment. Hence though they are alive they are having a poor quality of life (QOL) because of lack of understanding.

In addition, the treatment of cancer is long and expensive

Hence at Impact, we are trying to address each of these issues – namely educating people about the hazards of tobacco, prevention and quitting tobacco, increasing awareness about early signs of cancer, education about the treatment options of cancer and making this treatment available at affordable / subsidized rates, individually and comprehensively so has to bring about genuine change in the cancer scenario in society.

For any such activities on a large scale, we need your help i.e. time, money, organizing camps, lectures, seminars in your areas, schools, colleges, volunteers, giving odd jobs to cancer survivors etc.

We assure you your money will not go waste and there will be full transparency and documentation in regards of the money utilization for any activity patient treatment.

Thanking You
Dr Kinner Shah