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The name cancer itself spells doom for most patients and their families. It is a personalized earthquake destroying not only the patient but also the family. The physical, emotional, psychological, financial & social stress is tremendous.

One of the most well known and documented cause of cancer is tobacco. It is indeed frustrating that there is hardly any awareness amongst the people or patients about the hazards of tobacco. So on one hand the tobacco industry is tricking people & making money while I see the results of the tactics of the tobacco industry from a different perspective – disease, pain, complications, death, widows, and orphans.

A very blatant irony seen in my practice are rich patients having incurable or very aggressive cancers while financially weak being afflicted with potentially operable and curable cancers! There are patients who can afford surgery anywhere in the world, at whatever the cost, but have inoperable cancers & there are patients who can’t afford even between $1000/- to $5000/- for curative surgery as medical insurance is available to only a small percentage of the people. This is indeed frustrating. How to go along? Thus the idea of IMPACT was born.

One and half years in USA from November 1996 through April 1998 had convinced me that there are plenty of philanthropists in the world who were more than willing to help. The only concern was accountability and dependability.

Thus I started IMPACT: International Movement Promoting Action Against Cancer & Tobacco with the aim of providing state of the art treatment to patients with treatable cancer irrespective of their financial status and improve the awareness about cancer and tobacco. Knowledge of the disease and its short and long term consequences help the family to cope with the stress more effectively and efficiently.

We have made a humble beginning and hope to make an IMPACT in the field of Cancer & Tobacco with your help, wishes and blessings. Please you’re your heart and purse to generously ontribute towards the cause.


  • Getting an operable / treatable cancer is the only good news after a diagnosis of cancer.
  • Patients with treatable cancer should not be deprived of treatment because of poverty.
  • To reduce the number of cancer patients coming in advanced condition by increasing awareness through health education and screening programs.
  • To reduce the number of tobacco related cancers by controlling the rampant use of tobacco.
  • Make an overall IMPACT in the treatment scene in Cancer.